latitude dana reitz
Sunday, Mar 25 2018, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM, VAPA Martha Hill Dance Theater
Sunday, Mar 25 2018 2:00 PM Sunday, Mar 25 2018 3:00 PM America/New_York Latitude OPEN TO THE PUBLIC | A new dance work by Dana Reitz, performed in silence by Reitz, Elena Demyanenko and Yanan Yu, with costumes by Charles Schoonmaker. The world premiere of Latitude was presented by Lumberyard Contemporary Performing Arts at New York Live Arts in February, 2018. This piece runs approximately one hour in duration, without intermission. VAPA Martha Hill Dance Theater Bennington College

OPEN TO THE PUBLIC | Three women of varying ages from far distant homelands dwell together in a changeable place and with a shifting sense of time to consider many aspects of shelter, task, habitat and human connection. Performed in silence by Dana Reitz, Elena Demyanenko and Yanan Yu, Latitude is located in a mutable light field at moments altered by the presence of several wooden sticks. The movement and light score—created, designed and directed by Reitz—allows for travel amid ground plans, thresholds, valleys, caves, walkways and furrows, looking for the recognizable, the relatable and the fathomable. There will be two performances, the first on Sunday, March 25 from 2:00-3:00 pm and the second on Monday March 26 from 8:30-9:30 pm Martha Hill Dance Theater.

Dana Reitz's Latitude, which she performed with Elena Demyanenko and Yanan Yu, was met with excellent reviews in The New York Times and DanceBeat, which also lauded Charles Schoonmaker’s costumes.

"Seldom has dancing without music so well shown its own inner music or cast such a spell." –Alastair Maculay in The New York Times

"Everything that happens in this small, beautiful world matters at the moment you watch it." –Deborah Jowitt in DanceBeat

Photo of Yanan Yu taken by Kate Enman