The Making of Bennington's 10th President, Mariko Silver

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Most Alive

An excerpt of Convocation remarks delivered to the Class of 2017 by faculty member Nick Brooke.

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Q & A

Snapshots of our social media channels.

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The Making of Bennington's 10th President, Mariko Silver img
The Making of Bennington's 10th President, Mariko Silver

The story behind Bennington’s first presidential search in 26 years—and the extraordinary candidate who emerged—by Brian Davidson.

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Chasing A Cure

How Princess Yasmin Aga Khan ’73 and Spencer Cox ’90 took on health crises, by Kate Godin.

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Forensic Portraits

The Stranger Visions of Heather Dewey-Hagborg ’03, by Lise Johnson Miller '01.

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Book-Life After Life
Jill McCorkle, MFA(w) faculty member (A Shannon Ravenel Book, March 2013)
Book- The Woman Who Lost Her Soul
Bob Shacochis, MFA(w), writer-in-residence (Atlantic Monthly Press, September 2013)
Book- Portrait Inside My Head
Phillip Lopate, MFA(w) faculty member (Free Press, February 2013)
Book- Why Teach?: In Defense of a Real Education
Mark Edmundson ‘74 (Bloomsbury USA, August 2013)
Book- The Goldfinch
Donna Tartt ‘86 (Little, Brown and Company, October 2013)
Book- Snow Hunters
Paul Yoon, MFA(w) faculty member (Simon & Schuster, August 2013)
Book- Dissident Gardens
Jonathan Lethem ‘86 (Doubleday, September 2013)
“...a big story inside a tiny orbit.” The New York Times
“A novel … using provocative themes to raise difficult moral questions.” Pulitzer committee
“...a memoir by glimpses...” The New York Times
“...both personal and idealistic…” The New York Times
“...a book that stimulates the mind and touches the heart.” Pulitzer committee
“A poetic portrait of a man’s life...” The Boston Globe
“Erudite, beautifully written, wise, compassionate, heartbreaking and pretty much devoid of nostalgia.” Los Angeles Times