Student Work

Advanced Workshop in CAPA, Spring 2018

Study. Engage. Change the world. On Monday, May 28th, ten seniors presented their Advanced Work in CAPA. Hosted by faculty member Erika Mijlin, this year's CAPA cohort showcased the informed and impactful engagements students brought to fruition within their Bennington education. With musical performance, data compilation, investigative journalism, and community development, these projects are changing the world for the better—and offer ample demonstration of why public action matters.

Isabella Poulos '18
The Potluck Project: Developing a Deeper Sense of Place Through Food

Nam Phuong Thi Doan '18
Trao: Bennington Skillshare Initiative

Sophie Parker-Goos '18
Botanizing at the Frost House

Zoe Aloise '18    
Engagement through Design: Emotional and Physical Space of an Elementary Homeroom

Caroline Adams '18
Pedagogy into Policy: How Philosophical Ideas Become Educational Policy

Liam McRae '18
Putting It All Together: Centralizing Sustainability Data with the Simplest Tools

Jorja Rose '18
Denatured Lives: Gender, Activism, and PFOA Contamination

Melodi Var Öngel '18
Songs Across Boundaries

Fiona McGovern '18 & Ashlyn Haywood '18
The Healing Collective

Jocelyn Salcedo '18
Waking Up from the American Dream: The Lives of First-Generation, Low-income, and Working-Class College Students