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A Becoming Resemblence

The New York Times covered the latest art exhibition by Heather Dewey-Hagborg ’03—known for her 3-D, computer-generated renderings derived from human DNA—whose subject this time is convicted WikiLeak informant Chelsea Manning.

A Becoming Resemblence

The exhibition, A Becoming Resemblance, displays 3-D mask-like portraits that Dewey-Hagborg produced from the DNA on swabs Manning mailed to her from prison. Manning, who underwent gender transition surgery while incarcerated, was released in May after former President Barack Obama commuted most of the remainder of her sentence.

The portraits are on view at Fridman Gallery, in New York City, through September 5.

Said gallery director Iliya Fridman, “A super-powerful dynamic happening here is that the freedom one could gain by defining one’s own DNA in a variety of ways is really metaphorical to the freedom the entire country could gain from releasing secret data."