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Bella Blasko '11: Creating Space in the Studio

Recording engineer Bella Blasko '11 was interviewed in Tape Op to discuss her influences, recording on tour, and being a positive force in the music industry.

Bella Blasko

Blasko has worked with bands like The National, Big Red Machine, Feist, and Bonny Light Horseman. Additionally, she earned a Grammy nomination for her work on Taylor Swift’s “cardigan” from the album, folklore.

In the interview, Blasko also discusses her influences from her time at Bennington, working with music faculty Julie Last. From Tape Op: "When I thought about being an engineer, I felt like I wasn’t seeing many women doing that. Having the opportunity to have this mentor who is an accomplished female engineer, it really changed the way I viewed it. I felt like here’s this example of how you can be in the studio."