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Bennington Announces Plans for Historically-Accurate Landscaping, Renovated Barn

The historic building dates to the early twentieth century and now houses classrooms, as well as faculty and administrative offices. The Southeast wing was damaged in a fire in April of 2019, and is currently being renovated, including adding a basement for the first time.


historic barn with horsesThe College announced that the upper level of the new Southeast Wing will serve as a welcome center, and the lower level would be used to house livestock, which would be used to fulfill essential functions on campus.

“Given our commitment to sustainability and the historic nature of the building, we saw an incredible synchronicity,” said President Laura Walker. “Bennington’s future is, as ever, deeply rooted in our legacy.”

The College will be exploring grazing species to take over landscaping; the initial pilot will include sheep, cows, goats, and buffalo. Additionally, the College will be replacing electric carts used for transportation for events with horses, donkeys, and a selection of domesticated cows and swine. There will also be new fellowship opportunities around livestock handling. Health waivers will be required. For more information, watch the video announcement.