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Bennington Virtual Sunfest 2020 Lineup

On Saturday, May 9, Bennington students, alumni, and rising star bands will perform as part of Sunfest, Bennington's annual all-day music festival.

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How to Watch

Follow @pacbennington on Instagram. Bands will perform in 25 minute sets from 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm. All performances will take place via Instagram Live. 


12:00 pm—Yoga with Kat Daley

Psychological Services staff member Kat Daley will kick off the event with a yoga class.

12:30 pm—Tes and Wally

Featuring Tes Junior '22.

1:00 pm—DJ Vinyl set

Featuring Director of Student Engagement Matt Scott. 

1:30 pm—Maddy Wood '22

Featuring purple rock 'n roll glitter princess Maddy Wood '22.

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Too Old to Play Pretend—Maddy Wood

2:00 pm—Layla Ku 

Featuring Layla Ku of MICHELLE, a six-piece Pop/R&B group based in New York City.

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2:30 pm—Dorée Michele

Featuring NYC-based singer-songwriter Dorée Michele, whose work combines alternative pop, folk, classical, and jazz.

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Otherside—Dorée Michele

3:00 pm—Rodeo Doctor

Featuring singer-songwriter Jack Labbe '18.

3:30 pm—Sir Chloe

Featuring songwriter/vocalist/guitarist Dana Foote '18.

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Untie You—Sir Chloe

4:00 pm—Hyperion Drive

Featuring electronic band duo Alice Tolan-Mee '12 and Ethan Woods '12.

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Face Forward—Hyperion Drive

4:30 pm-6:00 pm—B-RAD DJ Sets

Sit back, relax, and let B-RAD radio station DJ your early evening.

6:30 pm—Will Stratton 

Featuring songwriter Will Stratton '09.

7:00 pm—Riley Skinner

Featuring folk singer-songwriter Riley Skinner '13, one half of the duo Heddwen.

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You'll Never Know—Heddwen

7:30 pm—Squirrel Flower 

Featuring Ella O'Connor Williams.

8:00 pm—Maia Friedman 

Featuring Maia Friedman '09 of indie rock band Dirty Projectors.

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Lose Your Love—Dirty Projectors

8:30 pm—Johnny Grusauskus

Featuring Jonathan Grusauskus '09 of heavy groove trio Lespecial.

9:00 pm—Jackson Emmer

Featuring country singer-songwriter Jackson Emmer '09.

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Don't Leave Me Blue—Jackson Emmer

9:30 pm—Ron Gallo 

Featuring rock musician Ron Gallo.

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Young Lady, You're Scaring Me—Ron Gallo

10:00 pm—Naked Giants 

Featuring Seattle-based rock trio Naked Giants.

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Sluff—Naked Giants