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Brooklyn Magazine's Musical Map: Vermont

Bennington trio Mountain Man was featured as part of the "Musical Map of the United States" series by Brooklyn Magazine

USA by Song

Mountain Man, which features Bennington alums Amelia Meath '10 (now of Sylvan Esso), Molly Sarle '12, and Alex Sauser-Monnig '09, was singled out for their song "Mouthwings," which was released on their 2010 album Made the Harbor. 

"The Musical Map of the USA" series matches each state with songs that "reflect [the author's] experiences and places as diverse as the people who have written about them." The article about Vermont, written by Will Stratton '09, cites Mountain Man's "Mouthwings" as a "the song that stays with me the most." He recalls "that they sang ["Mouthwings"] that first time I saw them sing in the stairwell" in 2008. 

Stratton also writes: "Timelessness is a funny thing, in that it is as fleeting and ever-changing as datedness, but of any of the music that I saw firsthand in school or in the years that immediately followed in Brooklyn, “Mouthwings” (and much of the rest of Mountain Man’s repertoire) feels timeless."