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Context and Concerns

The Bennington Banner published an op-ed by faculty member and Associate Director of the Center for the Advancement of Public Action David Bond, which gave context and concerns to the subject of the oil train now parked near residential areas in North Bennington. 

oil tankers parked on train tracks in north bennington

Bond writes: "A few weeks ago, an oil train appeared on the railway tracks separating North Bennington and Bennington and seems to be parked there for the winter. Each rail tanker notes it contains pressurized "non-odorized liquid petroleum gas" and is marked with the hazard card "1075," indicating an explosive gas. Parked within a stone's throw of many houses, this tanker train has caused growing alarm among local residents, state representatives, and has been reported in the Bennington Banner. Many urgent questions have been raised in the past week, even as many of us have been frustrated by the lack of straight answers from state officials and the railway operator. So how safe are these oil trains?"

Photo by Jim Therrien/VTDigger