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Do Your Worst

Exeunt Magazine interviewed the performance ensemble Boom Bat Gesture, which was founded by two Bennington graduates, about everything from "failure, [to] DIY theatre, and Spiderman."

Boom Bat Gesture

Boom Bat Gesture, which was formed in 2010 when Jon Burklund '11 and Ilana Stuelpner '11 were still students at Bennington College, are two of the minds behind the 'Do Your Worst' series, which asks artists to create deliberate flops.

Of this work, Stuelpner says: "The worst is still within us. Perhaps it is more of the aesthetic of our work as everything we do always leans towards the weird, the horrifyingly hilarious, the uncomfortable. But the pressure to make something good or memorable is also tugging at us, which is kind of the worst also."