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Fall Planning

fall planning email

The following message was sent to Faculty and Staff on July 26, 2021.


In May, 2021, a Work Planning Committee was convened to develop recommendations for how and where employees and offices could work to best support our students, our community, our goals, and our overall strategy as we prepare for our incoming class in the fall.

The following seven guiding principles were developed and recommended by the Committee:

  1. Creating and maintaining a collaborative work environment
  2. Creating and supporting a vibrant community
  3. Generating creative energy and inspiration through social encounters
  4. Enhancing the identity of key programs, initiatives and resources through visible and compassionate presence
  5. Realizing that the future of work is changing; Bennington must be flexible and nimble in our approach to remain an employer of choice
  6. Considering emerging workforce trends and recruitment strategies, including those related to the recruitment and retention of a talented and diverse workforce, as well as ensuring sufficient workforce levels to support the institution
  7. Considering the needs of our employees; their mental and physical well being, as well as their personal needs and desires

Based on their work, we have determined that the best way forward is a nimble and flexible approach that takes into account our commitment to our students and their families; our commitment to our employees and their families; and the critical needs of the College.

Therefore, we are piloting an approach that puts the senior leadership in charge of developing the appropriate plans for their respective areas. This approach assumes that each area has different requirements in serving the College and, as such, is best suited to determine the needs therein.

The first week of August, senior leaders will be in touch with their managers and staff to discuss the plan for returning in the fall and supporting the good and important work that lies before us. These leaders include:

Richard Difeliciantonio, Senior Enrollment Consultant
Maurice Hall, Provost
Claudia Keenan, Senior Vice President for Advancement and Communications
Meredith McCoy, Associate Vice President for Institutional Initiatives and Title IX Coordinator
Brian Murphy, Senior Vice President for Finance and Administration

Thank you for all you do for Bennington. It has been an unprecedented year, but everyone has risen to the occasion. I am not sure we have seen the last of this pandemic, but, with your commitment and focus on the future and what we can do together, I feel certain we will persevere.

Thank you.

Laura Walker