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A Gambler's Anatomy

Jonathan Lethem '86 has been a fixture in the pages of The New Yorker, The New York Times, and other publications following the release of his acclaimed new book A Gambler's Anatomy. 

Lethem was interviewed in The New Yorker about the "poignance of backgammon" and how he came to write the novel. He was also the subject of an interview in Eephus, "Seven Questions with Jonathan Lethem" (LA Review of Books). 

A New York Times book review praised Lethem's prose in A Gambler's Anatomy, the author's tenth book. "Mr. Lethem’s backgammon writing has a satisfying crunch. It’s witty and sexy, too."

The Huffington Post featured it in their list of 20 Books You'll Need for Your Shelf this Fall. The articled cited the "roaring comeback" of Lethem's "flair for off-kilter plot twist and oddball character."