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Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair

For Writer's Digest, June Gervais MFA '12 discusses the debut novel publishing process, what it's like growing up feeling like a misfit, and the joys of finding an artistic community.

jobs for girls with artistic flair book cover

Jobs for Girls with Artistic Flair (Penguin Random House, 2022), from Writer's Digest: "It’s 1985, and 18-year-old misfit and dreamer Gina Mulley will do anything to apprentice at her brother’s tattoo shop and succeed in the male-dominated tattoo industry of the ‘80s. But when she falls in love with Anna, a fortuneteller’s assistant—and awakens to thrilling possibilities beyond a life in her brother’s shadow—will this newfound independence and romance unravel the dreams she’s worked so hard for?" 

Jobs for Girls has also been featured on The New York Times' list of "Newly Published" titles for the month of June.