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Mooser '01 Named a 'Trendsetter'

Entrepreneur featured the work of Bryn Mooser ’01 in its coverage of trends for 2016. Mooser and David Darg are using virtual reality to raise money and awareness around natural disasters and social issues.

The pair's film, Nepal Quake Project, is "the first VR film shot in a disaster zone, giving viewers a 360-degree look at rescue efforts amid the ruins."

The work grows out of Mooser's and Darg's online news site RYOT, which aims to connect every news story with an opportunity to take action and make change in the world.

Mooser has previously been honored by Esquire as "American of the Year" for his work in Haiti in the wake of the 2011 earthquake there. Mooser and Darg established the country's first Little League baseball team, providing children with much-needed opportunities for productive play amid the devastation there.