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'The Oyster War' by Brennan '01 Makes a Splash

The Oyster War: The True Story of a Small Farm, Big Politics, and the Future of Wilderness in America, the debut book by Summer Brennan ’01, has been widely reviewed since its publication in August 2015.

The book, depicting a clash of interests and personalities—environmentalism vs. small business, big government vs. the little guy, public enjoyment vs. private use—grew out of Brennan’s work as a reporter at her hometown newspaper. 

In a starred reviewKirkus calls it “well-written and superbly reported.” The Guardian writes that Brennan is "at her best when visiting with the colorful history of the region and the extent to which it contrasts with contemporary ideals of restoration and conservation." "Brennan’s narrative skills are marked by a relaxed pace, diligent reporting and a scrupulous but fun dive into backstory with ample historical and scientific pigmentation," writes SFGateSalon and National Geographic News also interviewed Brennan, to discuss the controversy that is at the heart of the book.