Alumni News

'A Poem is Not Like Anything Else'

Anaïs Duplan '14 was interviewed in Divedapper following the release of her debut poetry collection, Take This Stallion. 

In the interview, Duplan spoke about how her connection to poetry began at Bennington. She put emphasis on her first poetry class with Michael Dumanis: "At the time I was doing my undergrad at Bennington College...I ended up in a poetry class [taught by Dumanis] on a whim." She continued, "towards the end of the class [Michael] told me to apply to the Bucknell Seminar for Younger Poets." She was accepted, and published her first book in May, 2016. 

Now she feels that "there [is] something really intuitive about [writing poetry, something] very satisfying." "I love my projects" she says, "I love what I do, but writing a poem is not like anything else."