Faculty News

"Rendering the Unspeakable Speakable"

Hill Country Observer published a review of Thief in the Interior, the award winning debut poetry collection by Phillip Williams. 

The review analyzed some of the themes that appear in Williams’ poetry. "The book opens with confinement and insistent motion, and it closes with a movement outward into a changed life" writes reviewer Kate Abbott.

The review also touched on Williams' poetry classes at the College. "[Williams] is speaking out of a sense of responsibility to render the unspeakable speakable. At Bennington, he talks with his students about the responsibilities of a writer, a poet, and how they render violence on the page. He calls them to pay attention to the moment, to look fully and see clearly, and not to set themselves at a distance."

Williams is the recipient of the Whiting Award and a Kate Tufts award, among other recent honors.