Student Work

SCT Senior Seminar 2017: Presentation of Advanced Work

On Monday, December 11th, ten seniors presented their one-term SCT thesis. Hosted by SCT Faculty Members Lopa BanerjeeDavid Bond, and Karen Gover, this evening presentation offered an exciting vision of what SCT students have been working on this term. From the electric vehicle to ethnic violence, from the microbiome to Irish identity, these presentations showcase the breadth and depth of Advanced Work in SCT.


SCT Fall Thesis Presentations:

Bibek Basnet '18Why Are We Fighting?: Seeking Explanations for Nepal’s Ethnic Conflict in the Global Context

Atalya Boytner '18Erasure, Forgery, and Romanticism: Irish Identity and the Celtic Revival

Eli Calhoun '18Beyond Food Pantries: Examples of Food Justice for Our Time of Ecological Crisis

Ariane Curtin-Bowen '18Historical Portraiture: An 18th century Ceramicist presented in Textual Illustration

Muhammad Haroon '18Natural Disaster Exposure and Consumption Inequality: A Case of Bangladesh

Amina Hodzic '18Patterns in the transitioning economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Fostering the development of pollution haven?

Ferne Johansson '18The Body as Shared Space: Human Ecology, Entanglement, and Identity in the Age of the Microbiome

Jack Lindsay '18Please Come Again: Porn, Pleasure, and Biopolitics in the 21st Century

Rajat Shrestha '18Charging the Future: State Policies and Electric Vehicles in the US

Sangeeth Selvaraju '18 (Title TBA) 

 Ajsa Udovcic '18, Health risks in times of disaster