Institutional News

"A Sense of Beauty"

Bennington ranks among the 15 most beautiful college campuses, according to Expedia. The travel site based its rankings on "five categories that add a sense of beauty to the college experience, some of which includes those eye-pleasing elements, but also abstract factors that are more about feeling than seeing the beauty."

Campus in Winter

"It’s not easy to decide when Bennington College looks the most breathtaking," Expedia said. "The lush rolling landscape turns a vibrant shade of green in the warmer months, while snowflakes artfully stick to the campus trees come winter. In cahoots with Mother Nature, the architecture wows, too, as it blends a variety of styles from modern to traditional. (Look out for the Commons building’s new makeover!) Within the college walls, you’ll find further reason to consider the school attractive—it won the 2017 Energy Leadership Award, hosts the annual Sunfest, and circulates Silo, a student-run arts magazine. 

Beauty extends into the local Bennington community, which is rather small, but inviting. Harvest Brewing on South Street serves up Vermont beers and art installations, while the nearby Long Trail—the state’s oldest hiking trail—is especially pretty when the leaves start to turn."