Student Work

A Story Share

Work from Social Practices in Art by Olivia Brooks '16 and Whitney Davis '15 

We visited the Center for Living and Rehabilitation at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center and conducted interviews with different women in recovery from different traumas and illnesses. They had all spent all or the majority of their lives in Bennington. We asked them questions about their backgrounds and their experiences specifically oriented to womanhood. Their answers were diverse and multiplicitous, demonstrating how difficult it is to describe one female experience. Further, by recording their voices and installing our audio compilation at the Center, Bennington College, and Green Mountain Midwifery and Women's Health, we have made their untold histories audible to their own community as well as the surrounding publics that they may not interact with on a daily basis. Finally, we will provide a copy of the recordings to the participants so that they can hear their own stories as well as those of the other residents.