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"Twilight" Keeps Rosenberg ’86 in the Spotlight

Fans of the best-selling Twilight book series are sinking their teeth into Melissa Rosenberg '86's highly anticipated film adaptation, which hit 5,500 screens starting with a midnight viewing on November 21.

Image of Melissa Rosenberg

Described as a Romeo and Juliet story set in a world of vampires, the film grossed more than $70 million on opening weekend alone, according to Box Office Mojo, bringing in more than Summit Entertainment's five previous releases combined.

"Not since Harry Potter has a book-to-film journey inspired so much enthusiasm," said Entertainment Weeklywhich featured the movie's stars on three collectible covers.

Rosenberg, who scripted the movie Step Up, as well as famed TV shows Dexter and The O.C., has already been tapped to adapt Twilight sequels, New Moon and Eclipse, according to The Hollywood Reporter