Usdan Gallery Presents: 'Uniting States of Americans'

Usdan Gallery’s first exhibition of the year, Uniting States of Americans, a presentation by Cynthia Weber that documents and juxtaposes two of the most significant periods in recent American history, is on view through October 18.

The exhibition includes a series of films, photographs, and textual vignettes from Weber’s coverage of post-9/11 America and of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Her works examine experiences of citizenship that fragment, de-idealize, and refigure national myths about identity, citizenship, tolerance, equality, and patriotism, while inviting people to engage in debate.

Weber, a professor of International Relations at Sussex University, England, and documentary filmmaker, writes, produces, directs, and edits films that critically engage with U.S. identity, citizenship, and human rights practices.

For more on her work, see the I Am An American webpage.