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Young Playwrights Competition

The winning plays from Dorset Theatre Festival’s Jean E. Miller Young Playwrights Competition, which is supported by Bennington College faculty, students, and alumni, will be performed on Wednesday, September 28, 6:30 p.m., at the Manchester Community Library. 

Headed by the Dorset Theatre Festival, students, faculty, and alumni have come together to help support young playwrights in the local community. 

Faculty member Sherry Kramer set up a formal tutorial for four of her advanced playwrights—Julia Lorello ’17, Anna Stone ’19, Jeremy Geragotelis ’16 and Sarah Burry ’19—who mentored students from fourteen regional middle and high schools that participated in the Jean E. Miller Young Playwrights competition. 

Dorset Theatre Festival's artistic director (and Bennington faculty member) Dina Janis said that once the plays were complete,  “We reached out to alumni who have continued to study playwriting or work as playwrights as well as a panel of professional national playwrights to act as judges.”

The alumni judges included Sean Patrick O’Brien ’14, Eric Connor Marlin ’13, Catherine Weingarten ’13, Jeremy Geragotelis '16 and Tenara Calem ’15.

Through this work, the Dorset Theatre Festival said that it "continues its commitment to community, education, and developing new talent and plays." 

The winning plays will be presented to the community by Bennington drama students under the direction of Emma Plotkin '17 at the Manchester Community Library on Wednesday, September 28th, at 6:30 pm.