Image of the mailboxes at the Bennington College post office

Post Office

As a USPS contract station, the Bennington College post office can make the same transactions as any hometown post office: sell stamps, stamped envelopes, and regular postcards; mail certified and insured packages; provide postage for all foreign correspondence. In addition to USPS Express Mail, the post office can send items overnight via UPS or Federal Express.

The Post Office is open.

Please note that at this time all personal packages have to be mailed from Buildings and Grounds at the Package pickup area via UPS with a credit card. Packages can be dropped off in Commons if they are prepaid.


  • During term: M–F 10:00 am–4:00 pm
  • Summer/FWT: M–F 10:00 am–3:45 pm


  • Regular mail: Commons
  • Packages: Buildings and Grounds 



Arrives on campus around 9:30 AM; sorted and placed in mailboxes by noon; outgoing mail must be in the mail slot by 1:15 PM or 3:00 PM, weekdays, and by 11:45 AM, Saturdays. USPS rates.

UPS and Federal Express

Arrives around noon; notices are placed in mailboxes by 1:30 PM; outgoing packages must be to post office by 3:00 PM for pickup.

Your Mail

Your official address is:

Your Name
1 College Drive
Bennington VT 05201-6003

Prepaid Trunks/Packages

Trunks and packages may be shipped to campus, if they are prepaid. If you are a new student, please indicate so on the package.

Fax Service

We have a fax machine, and charge for both incoming and outgoing transmissions: domestic incoming/outgoing $1.00 per page; foreign incoming $1.50 per page; foreign outgoing $5.00 per page. These may be sent during the post office sales hours. Please be certain that you have the correct outgoing fax number. If you receive a fax, we will put a notice in your box. They must be paid for when you pick them up. The fax number is 802-447-4271.

Tracy Provensal
Tracy Provensal
Postal clerk
Cass Skarka
Cass Skarka
Shipping and Receiving Clerk
call call 802-440-4434
Tim Hutton
Tim Hutton
call call 802-440-4620