Andy Galindo

Image of Andy Galindo
Guest Faculty

Andy Galindo is an international Human Rights Lawyer, working as an independent consultant. She has been teaching human rights and training human rights defenders, members of international and regional organizations and government officials from all over the world, in the use of international human rights mechanisms and strategic litigation.


Galindo was Director of the Training Institute at the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights in Florence, Italy. She has worked as an International Human Rights trainer for over 15 years and has taught human rights courses in several countries around the world including Bahamas, Ecuador, Colombia, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Gambia, Uruguay, Georgia, Palestine, Syria, Mongolia, Montenegro, Myanmar, Israel, Brazil, Malaysia, Kenya, Thailand, Paraguay, Panama, Costa Rica, and the United States. She has also developed numerous training manuals on access to international and regional mechanisms.

Galindo teaches an annual training course at the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights where she worked as a lawyer. While in Washington she studied an LLM at American University. She also worked at the International Service for Human Rights (ISHR) in Geneva. In Argentina, were she is from, she studied Law at Buenos Aires University and worked at CELS, an NGO dedicated to strategic litigation. Galindo lives in Barcelona were she works with young immigrants. She has been a guest faculty member at Bennington each spring term since 2017.