Blase Provitola

Image of Blase Provitola
Visiting Faculty

Blase A. Provitola's research on contemporary Francophone literature and culture focuses on feminist and queer theory, lesbian cultural production, and postcolonial studies. They are currently working on a literary study of the impact of race and class on formations of sexual identity in 20th and 21st century France and North Africa.


Provitola is a scholar of 20th and 21st century French and Francophone literature and culture, with a focus on North African diasporas in France. They are currently completing their dissertation, entitled "Sex, Race, and the Epistemology of Desire in Contemporary Francophone Literature and Culture," at Columbia University, where they are obtaining a PhD in French and Comparative Literature. Provitola has taught French language, history, and culture at all levels and has also taught Western political philosophy in Columbia's Core Curriculum. They are currently working on articles about contemporary feminist activism and transgender inclusivity in the French language classroom. Their other scholarly interests include transnational queer studies, graphic novels, and transgender studies. Provitola was a visiting faculty member at Bennington for Spring 2019.