Darcy Otto

Image of Darcy Otto

Darcy Otto is a computer scientist who studies the foundations of computation, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and AI Ethics.


Otto’s teaching and research span an exceptional range of topics. He came to Bennington from Quest University in Canada, where he held a cross-appointment to the Mathematics division (where he taught Computer Science and Mathematical Logic), and the Humanities Division (where he taught Philosophy, Ancient Greek, and Latin). He has also led field courses to Turkey, Greece, and France, to study art and architecture.

Otto is currently finishing his book, The Promise of Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing, where he discusses the limits of computation in the face of emerging technologies. He has done serious work on automated theorem-proving, developing a computer program that assists researchers and students with proofs in natural deduction. And he has developed a computer language that mimics the syntax for Turing Machines that Alan Turing invented in his groundbreaking 1936 paper, “On Computable Numbers with an Application to the Entscheidungsproblem.”

Otto was recognized as one of the top instructors in McMaster University’s prestigious Arts and Science program. He holds advanced levels in solo piano performance from the Royal Conservatory. His PhD is from McMaster University. Otto joined the Bennington faculty in Spring 2024.