Doug Kremm

Image of Doug Kremm
Visiting Faculty

Doug Kremm is a philosopher with broad-ranging interests in normative ethics, metaethics, moral psychology, and the history of ethics (especially ancient Greek ethics). His teaching aims to cultivate the pursuit of ethical reflection as part of a life well lived.


Kremm’s research focuses on foundational questions in moral philosophy. In his dissertation, he explored the nature of ethical judgment, the role that such judgments play in practical reasoning and interpersonal discussion, and the sense in which such judgments can succeed or fail to “get things right.” In the course of addressing these questions, he has also grappled with related issues in the philosophy of action, language, and mind, and has spent a good deal of time trying to better understand the history of contemporary moral philosophy (largely by studying its origins in early twentieth-century analytic philosophy). He also has strong interests in the history of ethics, especially ancient Greek ethics. Kremm was a visiting faculty member at Bennington for the 2018-2019 academic year.