Fortune Ononiwu

Image of Fortune Ononiwu

Fortune Ononiwu is an organic chemist with an interest in the extraction, isolation, characterization, and bioactivity evaluation of natural products derived from plant and fungi, as well as their partial or total synthesis.


Ononiwu received his bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Covenant University (Nigeria), where he became fascinated by the molecules hidden in the natural environment that hold the answer to many human health problems. Following his BSc, Ononiwu chose to pursue a doctorate at Syracuse University where he conducted research on the synthesis of the platelet aggregating factor inhibitor phomactin A and the adenyl cyclase activator forskolin. While at Syracuse, he also developed a passion for teaching. His is interested in experimenting with pedagogical methods in chemistry, specifically approaches that deemphasize the characteristics of a traditional classroom. 

Ononiwu joined the Bennington faculty in Fall 2023.