Jim Mahoney

Image of Jim Mahoney

Jim Mahoney has mentored students in physics and computing for over thirty years in topics ranging from cosmology and chaos to cryptology and microcontrollers. His interests include simulations, data analysis, internet technologies, and the digital arts.


After completing a PhD working in computational physics in 1988, Mahoney joined faculty of Marlboro College as their astronomer and physicist. In 2002, after helping establish a Master's of Internet Engineering program, Jim became the computing faculty member at Marlboro, mentoring students in topics ranging from algorithmic music composition to complexity theory to geographic information systems.

Mahoney has worked as a consultant at Green River Data Analysis on the Connecticut Health Equity Index and a recommendation system for Scholastic Books, and is an advisory board member assisting makers with computer controlled woodworking at Brattleboro's HatchSpace. His interests include internet technologies, digital arts and music, microcontrollers, data science and numerical methods. He is also an avid Argentine tango dancer and one of the organizers and teachers at Brattleboro Tango. Mahoney was a faculty member at Bennington for the 2020-2022 academic years.