Kimberly Van Orman

Kimberly Van Orman
Visiting Faculty

Kimberly Van Orman is a philosopher of the mind whose work stretches into the philosophy of science and who asks what minds are made of and how they are formed from experience.


Van Orman is a philosopher interested in the intersection of the mind and the world, both in terms of what minds are made of and how they are formed from experience.

She is a philosopher of mind with research interests extending into philosophy of science.  Her research focuses on understanding consciousness and trying to reconcile conscious experience with scientific explanation. She also is interested in making philosophy a more inclusive discipline. Van Orman has taught at a wide array of institutions including teaching gifted Middle and High School Students with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth. She has published on teaching philosophy and has developed philosophy curriculum for high school teachers.

In her non-Bennington academic life, she is an instructional consultant with the Institute for Teaching, Learning and Academic Leadership at the University at Albany. In that role, she helps faculty interested in changing their teaching practice and graduate students preparing for the academic job market. She also gives workshops on teaching practices at the University at Albany, at national conferences, and by invitation at other institutions. Van Orman was a visiting faculty member at Bennington for the 2016-2017 academic year.