Mohammad Sharif Jamal

Image of Mohammad Sharif Jamal
Polyani Refugee Scholar

Sharif Jamal is a visual artist and archivist from Afghanistan. He focuses on preservation activities to prolong the life of archival records.


Jamal received his bachelor's degree in graphic design from the faculty of fine arts at Kabul University in 2015. He participated in many group art exhibitions and taught visual arts at the Institute of Fine Arts, KarAmoze Institution, and many art galleries in Kabul.

In addition, Jamal worked as a TV executive producer and an archival specialist at Rah-e-Farda Radio and Television, and he also worked at ARG Archive, the presidential place of Afghanistan, from 2017 up to August 15, 2021, where he was responsible for preserving and digitizing archival records. He also digitized 35mm negative films for the Bakhter News Agency of Afghanistan. Jamal is the Polyani Refugee Scholar at Bennington for the 2023-2024 academic year.