Steven Hail

Image of Steven Hail

Steven Hail is an adjunct associate professor at Torrens University Australia with interests in modern money theory and ecological economics. He has made a transition from training central bankers to teaching and writing about the economics of well-being, environmental sustainability, and social justice.


Hail is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Torrens University Australia and Academic Director of graduate programs in the economics of sustainability at Modern Money Lab. He is a graduate of the London School of Economics and was for many years a lecturer at the University of Adelaide. He has extensive experience of training banking and financial service professionals in the United Kingdom, including staff from the Bank of England.

As a leading modern monetary theory (MMT) economist, Hail has given seminars on modern money at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet in Canberra, for the Economics Society of Australia, and for many other institutions. In recent years, he has looked to combine ecological economics and MMT and offered short courses in the economics of ecological sustainability and social justice to activists and others all over Australia.

Hail regularly appears in the media and published the 2018 book Economics for Sustainable Prosperity. He was a visiting faculty member at Bennington for Fall 2023.