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From her high school experience at United World College Changshu China to her current studies at Bennington College, a global academic perspective has informed the way Andreea Coscai ’22 now reflects on growing up in Bucharest, Romania.

Brian Michael Murphy has been awarded a $6,000 summer stipend from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Image of Keisha Knight
Former Faculty

Keisha Knight is an ex-dancer, film programmer/moving image curator, and interrogator of visual culture.

Image of Teddy Pozo
Former Faculty

Teddy Pozo is a nonbinary trans* scholar and artist studying haptic media: touch, intimacy, and bodies in video games, media history, and virtual worlds.

Image of Maia Nichols
Visiting Faculty

Maia Nichols brings an interdisciplinary background in psychology and fine arts to media studies, visual culture and material culture studies. An artist trained in art history, her research focuses on craft, design and colonial histories of care.

Image of Brian Murphy
Former Faculty

Brian Michael Murphy is a media archaeologist, poet, and essayist. In his work, he examines how media technologies, from taxidermy to digital photography archives, represent and reshape human experience.