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On October 20, 2021, faculty member Thomas Leddy-Cecere and Malhy Méndez '20 presented original sociolinguistic research on speech in the Bennington region as part of New Ways of Analyzing Variation 49, the premiere North American sociolinguistics conference.

Meet faculty member Thomas Leddy-Cecere, who is teaching Endangered Languages: Threats, Extinction, Survival? as part of the Bennington Early College Program. 

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Former Faculty

Leah Pappas is a documentary linguist who collaborates with language communities in Indonesia. She researches language and gesture to understand how socially-mediated interaction with the environment results in linguistic diversity.

Thomas Leddy-Cecere

How do social factors shape our use of language, and how does language use in turn impact our construction and perception of society? A sociolinguist, Thomas Leddy-Cecere addresses these questions through his research in Arabic and contemporary American English.