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Image of Kathryn Montovan


Kathryn Montovan uses mathematical modeling and analysis to understand complex ecosystem interactions and to discover the potential evolutionary causes of insect and animal behaviors. Her teaching is based on active learning techniques and is focused on engaging students of all levels in authentic mathematical inquiry.

Image of Josef Mundt


Josef Mundt is a mathematician whose interests lie in the visualization of data, building mathematical confidence and connections, and helping others think of mathematics as an art form.

Image of Steven Morics


Morics trained in combinatorics and his work now focuses on the intersections of mathematics and the social sciences, such as game theory, problems of fair division, and voting. His main interest is in how students learn mathematical concepts, leading to innovations in curriculum design.

Image of Carly Briggs


Carly Briggs’ mathematical research in algebraic combinatorics involves using combinatorial objects to encode information about complex structures. In the classroom, she uses collaborative, active learning methods to make mathematics inclusive and accessible.

Image of Andrew McIntyre


Andrew McIntyre’s mathematical research concerns problems in geometry related to mathematical physics. His teaching is student centered and historically driven.


A Simulation Model of Plants in a Heterogeneous World

Thesis by Mieke Vrijmoet '16