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Image of Camille Hoffman
Former Faculty

Camille Hoffman's current work is a mixed-media meditation on Manifest Destiny and its representation in the romantic American landscape. Reflecting on the embedded and latent meanings around light, nature, the frontier, borders, race, gender and power in influential American landscape paintings of the 19th century, she uses materials collected from her everyday life, including holiday-themed tablecloths, discarded medical records, nature calendars, plastic bags and paint, to craft imaginary landscapes that are grounded in accumulation, personal narrative and historical critique.

Image of Beverly Acha

Beverly Acha is a New York-based visual artist working in painting, printmaking, and drawing. Her work engages visual and spatial languages of landscape, architecture, and diagrams. Through a process-based practice that embraces formal and material play, Acha’s work investigates the spaces between knowing and seeing, experience and memory, and the real and imagined.

Image of Colin Brant
Visiting Faculty

Colin Brant’s luxurious, color-drenched, paintings and drawings present an inquiry that is both reverent and skeptical, offering examinations of landscape as personal, politicized, and perpetually evolving historical space.

Image of Mary Lum

Mary Lum’s paintings, collages, and wall works, which have been praised by critics and exhibited widely, draw attention to the overlooked but subliminally powerful architecture of modern life.