Featured Art Notes

"Fractured Memories"

four of human figures dancing and interwoven together painted in bright colors in a dream landscape

Fractured Memories: The Art of Philemona Williamson was exhibited at Hartwick College’s Foreman Gallery this winter.

Philemona Williamson ’73 is well known for her large paintings and soft sculpture figures that “depict individuals of varying ethnicities inhabiting timeless, invented, dream-like environments.” Williamson discussed her work with the College. “I probe the psychological landscape of adolescence, blurring the lines between race, gender, and class.” Williamson’s art is represented by the June Kelly Gallery in New York City. Williamson has been guest lecturer/adjunct faculty at schools of art and design including Bard, Parsons, Rhode Island School of Design, Pratt University, and Cooper Union, among others. Williamson and fellow alumna Betsey Ayer ’72 reconnected at Hartwick this past fall, where Ayer is a professor of art history.