"The Muller Report"

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Liz, wearing a red dress, in front of the Department of Justice, holding her play

Mueller Report Fan Fiction with Liz Zito (and other political plot twists)
601 Artspace (June 2019)

According to polls, less than 5 percent of Americans have read the Mueller Report investigating President Trump, his administration, and Russian interference in the 2016 elections. Multimedia performance artist Liz Zito ’06 is one of the rare Americans who has read the report. After reading it, she took it to the stage, performing in venues throughout New England this past summer. Her work captured the attention of The Washington Post, NBC Nightly News, and The Associated Press. The AP wrote, “Liz Zito is a multimedia artist so immersed in the Mueller Report that she wrote fan fiction to fill in the parts that were redacted by the Justice Department. When she worried that other Americans didn’t know about the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller, she found her own way to make them accessible: A ‘performative reading’ in downtown Manhattan. ‘When you deliver a comedic performance, you want people to laugh at all the jokes, but a lot of positive feedback from that night came from people learning what was actually in the report and how manipulated we all were/are as world citizens,’ Zito says.”