A Reciprocal Affair

    Bennington, like the College itself, is in a state of evolution. That may have been most obvious in the last two and a half years, when each issue of the magazine unfolded a new dimension: a new look, a new feel, a new angle to how we tell our story. In putting together this issue, we paid particular attention to the voices that make up Bennington’s complex and interwoven narrative. You will find below, for example, our first published letter to the editor. It stands as an open invitation for you to engage and respond.

    Among our featured stories you’ll find one authored by Claudia Rowe ’88, a Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist who writes for The Seattle Times, among other publications. With her piece on alternative college applications, we launch a new national section, which calls upon top journalists to put what is happening at Bennington within the context of a broader public dialogue: Right where it belongs.

    We’ve also added a section to Class Notes for current students, who continue to astound me, and I hope now you, with their accomplishments. Last, and perhaps best, you will find on page 33 an “Assignment.” For as long as I have worked at Bennington, and I am sure long before, students and alumni have talked about assignments that changed the way they see something or that opened up entirely new possibilities and dimensions of their work. This cornerstone of the Bennington education no longer resides in the classroom alone: in each issue of Bennington we will publish an assignment from a course, current or past, and invite you to share the results of your work with us online.

    And as always, we have put together a magazine we hope is as vivid, as vibrant, as wildly intellectual, and boldly creative as the Bennington community.

Briee Della Rocca

The Story of Land and Sea img
The Story of Land and Sea

An interview with The Story of Land and Sea author Katy Simpson Smith MFA ’13 by Jeva Lange ’15.

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Isherwood On Caro img
Isherwood On Caro

Faculty member Jon Isherwood on the renowned sculptor and former faculty member Sir Anthony Caro.

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A Dimensional Application img
A Dimensional Application

Leading the way for a more nuanced application, by Claudia Rowe '88.

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The Small World of the Low Down
The Small World of the Low Down

An inside look at the making of Low Down by Jeva Lange ’15.

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A Conversation with Allen Shawn img
A Conversation with Allen Shawn

Music faculty member Allen Shawn on getting out of music writing ruts, by Briee Della Rocca.

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The Promising Predicament of the Keystone XL Pipeline img
The Promising Predicament of the Keystone XL Pipeline

An academic investigation of the Keystone XL Pipeline by B faculty member David Bond.

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House VS Arrest img
House VS Arrest

Exploring alternatives to incarceration, by Alex Dery Snider.

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189 Little Book Clubs img
189 Little Book Clubs

He is known as The Librarian Who Reads Everything on Tumblr and Twitter, but before cultivating an online following of more than 10,000 readers, Technology Services and Outreach Librarian Jared Della Rocca was known as the librarian who reads everywhere.

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Book- Being Audrey Hepburn
Mitchell Kriegman ‘74 (St. Martin’s Griffin, September 2014)
Book- Fridays at Enrico’s
Jonathan Lethem ‘86 By Don Carpenter, finished posthumously by Lethem (Counterpoint, April 2014)
Book- The Story of Land and Sea
Katy Simpson Smith, MFA ‘14 (Harper, August 2014)
Book- Horrorstör
Grady Hendrix ‘95 (Quirk Books, September 2014)
Book- 300,000,000
Blake Butler MFA ‘06 (Harper Perennial, October 2014)
Book- Leonard Bernstein: An American Musician
Allen Shawn, faculty (Yale University Press, September 2014)
This Is Where We Came In: Intimate Glimpses img
Lynne Sharon Schwartz, MFA Faculty(Counterpoint, March 2014)
Book- Why Football Matters
Mark Edmundson ‘74 (Penguin Press HC, September 2014)
Book- Love Me, Feed Me
Judith Jones ‘45 (Knopf, October 2014)
Book- Florence Gordon
Brian Morton, MFA(w) faculty (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, September 2014)
“...witty writing, passion and fashion...” Booklist
“...an offbeat classic...” The New York Times
“...among the most assured debut novels in recent memory...” Vogue
“...a nice balance between comedy and horror.” The Washington Post
“...more than an unconventional horror novel...” The Los Angeles Times
“...a marvelously focused view of the man…” Playbill
“[Schwartz’s] signature curiosity, introspection, and insight [make] readers feel as if they and the author are sharing...very personal memories.”
“...enriches one’s sense of a game...” The Huffington Post
“...highly motivating.” The Wall Street Journal
“...witty, nuanced, and ultimately moving...” NPR