Twitter Biographies

A (really) brief tour of some of our favorite Bennington Twitter biographies:

Kaytie Coughlin '15

Kaytie Coughlin '15 img

Your high school t-shirts from the freebox are my fashionable belly shirts.

Trevor Stannus '15

Trevor Stannus '15 img

I do things with varying levels of intelligence.

Autumn Jordan Rizzo '14

Autumn Jordan Rizzo '14 img

on the sea we'd be forgiven.

Devan Marques '13

Devan Marques '13 img

Sometimes I half-accidentally do something worthwhile.

Victoria Harty '13

Victoria Harty '13 img

College kid, studying public history @ Bennington College, believes everything's better in Ireland; wants to be Indiana Jones, a writer & a Starship Ranger.

Sarah Albanese '12

Sarah Albanese '12 img

Sarah Albanese: Freud apologist and college graduate.

Josh Boucher '12

Josh Boucher '12 img

I have nothing to complain about.

Jimmy David Newborg MFA '12

Jimmy David Newborg MFA '12 img

Fiction writer. Fiction writer? Fiction writer.

Steven LaFond MFA '11

Steven LaFond MFA '11 img

I write. I call roller derby. I breathe a lot. MFA from Bennington, hair by Murray’s Pomade. Co-host of the Rooms Down the Hallway Reading Series.

Chelsea Harlan '11

Chelsea Harlan '11 img

crypt cryptographer

Jared Goza '10

Jared Goza '10 img

You could call me a relaxed nervous wreck.

Sarah Crow '07

Sarah Crow '07 img

Writer on the internet, napper on your couch.

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