Featured Art Notes

"Under the Bodhi Tree"

Caravanserai Red and Gold, mixed media collage on wood, 15 x 15 inches, 2017.jpg

Roshan Houshmand ’82 had Under the Bodhi Tree; Rituals included in the exhibitions Homenage a Julio Uruguay Alpuy por sus Discipulos at the Museum of Art History in Montevideo, Uruguay, in November and at Museo Mazzoni in Maldonado, Uruguay, in October.

Also in October, her works Under the Bodhi Tree; Caravanserai Red and Gold and Under the Bodhi Tree; Caravanserai Remnants were exhibited at the Giorgio Vasari International Award Exhibition at the Chancellery Palace in Rome. Houshmand was a recipient of the International Diego Velazquez Award, presented at the third Biennale of Barcelona at the European Museum of Modern Art, where her work was also featured.