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Field Work Term Options

With support from Field Work Term and academic advisors, students choose from a broad array of work-integrated learning experiences to “count” for their annual field work requirement. All of these experiences are designed to combine theory and practice, deepen knowledge and understanding, and enhance work-related capacities.

At Bennington, you must successfully complete four Field Work Term experiences to graduate. Field Work can occur over the designated winter Field Work Term (January 2, 2024 - February 16, 2024) or during the summer Field Work Term (June 17, 2024 - August 2, 2024). All field work options require:

  • Active learning: Advance the learning goals of your Plan and professional development.
  • Consistent supervision: By a professional within the field with experience and knowledge.
  • Structured self-reflection: Articulate the experience in relation to your work and personal and professional development or growth.
  • Supervisor feedback: Provide adequate guidance to enhance your learning experience

Options for FWT are as follows:

Taught Field Work Term Experience

This option, delivered virtually to first- and second-year students, is designed to help students understand the career development process and make occupational and educational decisions that align with their goals. 

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Career and Self-Development: Gain understanding of your values, interests, personality, and strengths; connect aspects of your identity to career paths; and make informed decisions about future Field Work Term and post-graduate career options.

Personal Branding: Define your personal brand (who you are, what you do, and how you can contribute to an organization) and exhibit a consistent message about your experience, knowledge, skills, strengths, interests, personality, and values across all forms of professional communication.

Career Management: Take control of your career and ensure it aligns with your values, interests, personality, and strengths. It requires continuous reflection, goal setting, planning, and a willingness to adapt to the evolving demands of the professional world.


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Complete an internship during the summer or winter period, including FWT internships posted by College partners, other internships on Handshake, or positions you find on your own. 


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A fellowship provides funding, mentorship, and a cohort of students working with you in a particular focus. Areas include environmental action, food insecurity and population health, public action, and entrepreneurship.


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Obtain hands-on experience in a specialised trade from a skilled professional via an apprenticeship.

Independent Study

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Dive into a particular research area, theme, or question, working in association with a faculty sponsor during an Independent Study.

Study Away

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Study Away and broaden or specialize your interests and area of concentration in a new and exciting environment. Opportunities may be limited due to COVID-19.

Student Employment

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Student employment completed over the course of an academic year may count towards your annual FWT requirement. Position must meet all FWT requirements and be registered on Handshake

Searching FWT Options in Handshake

Handshake, the College's career and experiential opportunities database, offers access to thousands of learning opportunities across the country and the globe. Students are not required to find an opportunity through Handshake; many find field work on their own, adding to our ever-growing resource pool. This array of options is one of the reasons that 90% of students secured a top-choice position for their most recent Field Work Term.

In addition to the quick links above, here's how to search various types of field work experiences from the Handshake Jobs page. For more search tips, check out the Handshake Guide for Students.

  • FWT internships during the summer or winter: Search by job type "Co-Op." You can also further filter by location, industry/ies, keywords, compensation type, housing provided, remote work allowed, and other criteria.
  • Other internships: You'll also find hundreds of other internships in Handshake by searching under job type "Internship." Contact the FWT office to discuss whether a particular opportunity is eligible for FWT credit.
  • Fellowships: To find FWT-eligible fellowship opportunities, search by job type "Fellowship," and add the search label "field work term position."
  • Student employment: Search by job type "On-Campus" to find all campus jobs. To propose counting your student employment position for Field Work Term, request and register it on Handshake.