FWT Registration and Approval

Registration deadlines for the 2024 Field Work Term

Students are required to register their Field Work Term (FWT) by the following deadlines. Late registrations will not be approved. Failure to register will result in a Fail assessment for 2024 FWT.

  • October 1, 2023 - Academic Year FWT is due
  • November 3, 2024 - Winter FWT registration is due (December 11 is last day to add/change)
  • April 26, 2024 - Summer 2024 registration is due (May 17 is last day to add/change)

Need help registering your FWT position?

Register your FWT via the Request An Experience form on Handshake. You may also schedule an Appointment with the FWT office or stop by FWT drop-in hours every Wednesday and Friday from 1pm-4pm in Barn 112 for help registering.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I wait to register for a field work term in the winter or summer?

NO. The option to register retroactively has been discontinued. All Field Work Term experiences require pre-approval along with a signed student/employer agreement.

What if I miss the deadline to register?

Students who do not register an FWT by the published add/change date will not be allowed to register for that term. If they miss the winter, they will be expected to complete a summer FWT. Failure to register a FWT within the enrolled academic year will result in a Fail on the transcript.

Why is there a deadline to register?

Processing each student registration involves several steps, including verifying registration information, receiving approval from employers, consulting with advisors, reviewing learning objectives, and more. Because of the volume of registrations (over 700 records processed by a staff of two) and because of occasional employer response lag time—it can take several weeks to confirm if your registration is approved, which pushes right up against the end of term. In case anything goes wrong in the process, the College needs to start reviewing early, to ensure that we can troubleshoot any issues with you in advance of your departure for winter break.

When is the absolute latest day to apply?

All FWT registrations must occur by the last day to add/change as listed in the academic calendar. If students are not in touch with the FWT office, a FWT assessment of Fail would be issued. However, the FWT Office will always accommodate a student in the case of a documented, verifiable emergency or medical concern. The important thing is to be in active communication with the FWT office to make sure that your needs are documented and addressed.

I know where I’m working but I’m missing some information. Should I still submit my registration?

Yes! You can always go back to your registration and change information later, but it puts you at risk of not receiving confirmation in time if you delay. If you are missing any details about your employer site, please just note this on the registration and/or email fwt@bennington.edu

I’m still deciding between two FWT options. Can I register one FWT now and then change?

Yes, you can change later, but be careful about leading an employer to think that you are going to work with them and then canceling, as this can negatively impact your reputation with employers in your industry. Want advice? Schedule a time to meet with one of our career counselors.

I am planning to study away or considering a leave of absence. Do I still need to register?

Students with applications in process for a leave of absence or study away opportunity do not need to register; the Field Work Term office will be advised of final status by the Dean's Office.

How do I get funding and find housing for FWT?

Information on FWT funding options is available, including eligibility criteria for need-based grants of up to $500. As noted, due to limited funding, grants are limited to students assessed by Financial Aid as having the highest need. Questions about need levels can be directed to finaid@bennington.edu. Students can find information on FWT housing options on the Housing Over Field Work Term page.

How to Register

Registering for FWT takes about 30 minutes. To begin, log into Handshake and select “Career Center > Experiences” from the top menu.

Navigate to “Request an Experience” and fill out the form that appears.

  • Choose the appropriate winter, summer, or academic year term as the Term.
  • Choose the appropriate Experience Type based on the type of field work experience you are completing (see Field Work Term Options for details). Fill out the details about your employer, job, supervisor, and learning objectives.
  • Remember your supervisor is your listed FWT employer, not your first-year advisor.
  • If you are planning to work with two employers over FWT, you must request each as a separate "experience." 

FWT Approval

Once you "request an experience" on Handshake, the FWT Office will:

  • Review your FWT position information and your learning objectives; email your faculty advisor regarding any issues; and discuss any concerns with you if they arise.
  • Confirm eligibility of your FWT employer by verifying the site's legitimacy, checking supervisor background, and scanning for any record of employer concern.
  • Contact the registered site supervisor to confirm the position description and work terms that you have registered. Your employer is also required to e-sign this student-employer agreement.

Your registration status is considered complete only after it receives supervisor confirmation and FWT Office approval. Students will receive an email at their Bennington address within two to three weeks following registration to notify them whether their FWT position has been fully approved. (If additional information or corrections are needed, students have one week to correct the problem before being declined.)