Independent Study as Field Work Term Option

This alternative to FWT employment offers time to delve into a particular research area, theme, or question, working in association with a sponsor. You may apply to spend an FWT pursuing an Independent Study project if you are a returning student, have completed at least one FWT, and are in good academic standing. A sponsor must be a Bennington faculty member whose area of expertise is appropriate to the Independent Study. Bennington faculty are not obligated to sponsor Independent Study and funding is not available to pay sponsors. Your sponsor must have in-depth knowledge of your proposed area of study and be willing to:

  • Meet with you regularly either in person or over phone/Zoom/Hangout/email to discuss your progress and offer feedback. Typically, sponsors arrange a weekly meeting time but scheduling is at the discretion of the sponsor. At a minimum, a sponsor should converse with the student every two weeks.

  • Meet virtually or in person to have a final review the content of your Independent Study work/research

  • Complete an evaluation on your work

How to Apply

The first step in applying for an Independent Study is completing the Independent Study Proposal Form. This form needs to be completed by October 22, 2021. Once this form has been reviewed and approved, students will be notified by the Office of the Provost and will be sent a second content-based outline form to complete. Students wishing to complete research involving human participants must follow IRB guidelines and receive approval prior to beginning work; please plan accordingly and submit specific IRB inquiries or completed IRB applications to  For general Independent Study application related questions, please contact Kelly Hayes in the Office of the Provost.