Welcome to Bennington College's online donor roll, where we honor the alumni, families, students, faculty, staff, volunteers, and friends who have shown their support during Fiscal Year 2020 (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020), either by making donations to the College or by volunteering their time.

I am pleased to report that in Fiscal Year 2020, the College raised $25 million in new gifts and pledges from over 2,600 donors. Your generosity and support in a time of unique challenges for the Bennington community, and the world at large, has a tremendous positive impact on our students.

These gifts reached every part of Bennington in 2020, enriching the lives of students and expanding their opportunities for academic and social growth. New scholarships help Bennington fulfill its commitment to make the College more accessible to students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend. With this increased access comes a more socially and economically diverse campus, another goal to which Bennington is committed. Expanded Field Work Term grants give students a broader range of options in pursuing and securing internships closely related to their fields of study and allow them to put their classroom accomplishments to work in real-world settings.

This year’s gifts have also supported major renovations on campus, including funding to rebuild and renovate one of Bennington’s most iconic structures, the Barn, as well as continued technology upgrades of the College’s science and art facilities. Other ongoing initiatives supported by philanthropy include the Museum Fellows Term, which puts visual arts students to work in influential art museums and institutions in New York City, Public Action Fellowships that allow students to engage in the public sphere where they can become agents of social change, and Fellowships in Theatre that give students the opportunity to be immersed in the New York City Off-Broadway theater world. And our alumni and friends continue to donate their time and resources to expand the Bennington network to make even more educational programs and professional opportunities available to students.

All of this is made possible because of your philanthropy and your advocacy. Since its founding in 1932, Bennington’s focus on self-directed, experiential learning has encouraged students to fearlessly explore their interests and empowered them to become agents of social change in their communities. Your support allows us to continue this work, and we are immensely grateful. On behalf of all of us at Bennington, thank you!

If you have any questions or comments about this donor roll or about philanthropy at Bennington, please don't hesitate to contact our Office of Institutional Advancement.


Tim Clemmey
Acting Vice President for Institutional Advancement

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