Seeing Stars

On the western edge of campus, the Stickney Observatory houses a 16-inch computer-controlled telescope through which students observe the night skies over the Green Mountains.

Students observing night sky outside observatory
Students doing field research on Bennington campus

Bennington’s 440-acre campus—with 80 species of trees, 15 acres of wetland, and 121 bird species sighted—offers a wealth of field study opportunities.

Chemistry lab

Dickinson Science Building is equipped with labs for biology, chemistry, computer science, earth sciences, and physics.

Biology class

You’ll find no large lecture halls in Dickinson. Even introductory classes are small.

Math class

Math classes, like most classes at Bennington, are hands-on and discussion-driven.

Dickinson Science Building exterior

Bennington students and faculty built a trebuchet to measure the effect of wind resistance on the range of projectile motion.

Students presenting work at science poster session

Each term students present their work in a poster session that is open to the campus community.