When you graduate from the Bennington Writing Seminars, you leave with much more than a degree.

By the time you graduate with your MFA from Bennington, you’ll have received:

  • Workshop evaluations for 20 pages of work during each residency. 
  • Thoughtful feedback from fellow students and teachers in a small workshop format.
  • Four terms of intimate, one-on-one monthly correspondence with a faculty member, including substantive personalized letters and edits to your work.
  • A collaboratively-created and personalized reading list each term (you’ll read 100 books over the course of your time here.)
  • Coaching on craft, editing, submissions strategies, and teaching via lectures and master craft classes from world-class writers.
  • Comprehensive feedback on a manuscript-length creative thesis.
  • Public reading experience.
  • A critical essay that has been reviewed by a faculty panel.
  • Access to editors and agents who visit residencies.
  • Teaching experience (if selected) through our Residential Teaching Fellowship.
  • Editing opportunities with the End of the World literary journal.
  • A two-year AWP membership.
  • Access to a thriving, vibrant community of nearly 2,000 Bennington students, alumni, and friends

You'll leave Bennington prepared to join a vibrant life of letters.