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Bennington offers two years to focus on your writing, so it's no wonder we publish in top-tier journals, win awards, and publish books. But it's not about that, really. It's about coming to the page every day. Check back biweekly for our students' latest publications.

As of May 26, 2023

Nico Amador MFA '22 published a review, ("In Defense of Wonderment") of Gary Soto's poetry collection, Elements of San Joaquin, in West Branch. He also published an essay on queer temporality in trans poetics, "Our Future Past: Queer Temporality in the Poetics of Ari Banias, TC Tolbert and Jos Charles," in Fugue Journal

Jeanne Bonner MFA '16 published a travel essay "Stepping Stones Reveal a Path into Italy's Dark History," about visiting tiny public memories in Italy that honor victims of the Nazis, on PBS's Next Avenue. 

Morgan English (MFA candidate) contributed a review of Deal: New & Selected Poems by Randall Mann (poetry faculty), for On The Seawall

Jenea Havener (MFA candidate) was named a finalist in Narrative Magazine’s Winter 2023 Story Contest, for her short story, "Inflicted." 

Etan Kerr-Finell (MFA candidate) has published a critical essay, "Linda Gregg and the Mid-course Turn," on Michael Theune's Structure and Surprise blog.

Edmée Lepercq (MFA candidate) published a review of Tanoa Sasraku's exhibition, Liths, in Artforum. 

Syrah Linsley (MFA candidate) published flash lyric essay, "Bird Bouquet,” in Hippocampus Magazine. "Bird Bouquet" is an excerpt from her manuscript.

Lisa Johnson Mitchell MFA '18 published a flash fiction story, "Big Love," in UK-based lit mag, Fictive Dream.

Mara Naselli MFA '13 published a timeless interview with nonfiction faculty, Eula Biss, for The Believer

Diana Ruzova MFA '23 interviewed Jane Wong for Full Stop about her forthcoming memoir, Meet Me Tonight in Atlantic City (Tin House). 

Kate Sweeney (MFA candidate) is the winner of the January Ekphrastic Challenge from Palette Poetry. In January, for one week only, submissions were open for poems that were ekphrastic in some way and that engaged dynamically with a work of art. 

April 2023

Jesper Andreasson MFA '12 has just published Ö, a 13-page poetry collaboration between Andreasson and J. Mae Barizo MFA '13, in Tupelo Quarterly. The project features poems by Jesper and J. Mae, and the Swedish translations of each work.

Amber Wheeler Bacon MFA '18 has published a new short story, "Another Time Could Be Different," in which a mother encounters an alligator and a stranger on a walk with her young children in the marsh, for Cutleaf. 

Judith Hertog MFA '10 has a short essay published in Forward for Holocaust Memorial Day, "The Stories That Matter."

Jenn Scheck-Kahn MFA '08 published a personal essay, "The Give and Take of Gratitude," in Mount Hope Magazine. The piece is available to read (or listen to) online, and will be included the next print edition.

Ann Leamon MFA '08 has published review of a poetry collection, "Family Gifts and Curses: Blood Lines by Ann Bookman," in Tupelo Quarterly. She also has a new piece of flash non-fiction, "Washed Clean" published in River Teeth.

Edmée Lepercq (MFA student) contributed several texts on visual artists selected in Phaidon's forthcoming anthology, Vitamin C+: Collage in Contemporary Art.

Lisa Johnson Mitchell MFA '18 was interviewed about being a finalist for the 2022 London Independent Story Prize. The story, "Reunion," is now available to read online.

Larissa Pham MFA '23 created a stellar playlist to accompany her stroll through The Museum of Modern Art, "MoMA Mixtape: Larissa Pham Finds Her Focus." 

Mickey Revenaugh MFA '17 has a new flash piece of nonfiction, "Animales," on Fauxmoir. This piece was created during a #5amwritersclub session. 

Jason Russo (MFA student) published a short story, "Earth to Dominic," in the latest issue of Southwest Review.

Sarah Zoric (MFA student and tenth Residential Teaching Fellow) published a short story, "Pretty Rachel," on Hobart.

Previous News

March 2023

Jasmin Attia MFA '21 published an essay, "Remembering the Egyptian Childhood I Never Had Through Its Culinary Traditions," on LitHub.

Amber Wheeler Bacon MFA '18 published a short story, "Sexy Thing," in Ecotone Magazine (The Ocean Issue). 

Miriam Camitta MFA '16 published an essay, "Can't Elope," in Masters Review

Katie Coleman MFA ’20 published a short story, “Shell,” in SmokeLong Quarterly

Susan Dines MFA '22 has four new poems in the Spring/Summer Issue of Smoky Blue Literary and Arts Magazine.

Jean Marie Hackett (MFA student) has published a new piece of flash fiction, "Folded In," in the March issue of Five on the Fifth.

Nancy Jainchill  MFA'13 published an essay, "Pop-ins and Floggings: Inside the Senior Porn Revolution," in Evergreen Review.

Ann Leamon MFA '08 has a new piece of flash nonfiction, “Washed Clean,” in the current issue of River Teeth

Edmée Lepercq (MFA student) published a critical essay on Mark Doty's book, Still Life with Oysters and Lemon, for the Ploughshares blog.

Amy Lyons MFA '19 published a short story, "You Heard Me Howling in the Dark," on Rejection Letters.

Lisa Johnson Mitchell MFA '18 has a new story, "Aloeliscious," in the March issue of the Rivanna Review.

Andrew Quintana MFA '23 wrote a review of the new adaptation of Great Expectationsfor Vanity Fair.

Guillermo Rebollo-Gil MFA '23 translated a poem, "THE END TIMES / LOS ÚLTIMOS TIEMPOS" by fellow Puerto Rican poet Cindy Jimenez Vera, and it has been selected for inclusion in the 2023 Best of the Net Anthology.

Stacey Resnikoff MFA '21 has a new short story, "The Missing Pieces," in the latest issue of Joyland.

Diana Ruzova MFA '23 published an essay, "Dinner Cruise," in Peach Magazine, and also featured in the Memoir Monday newsletter.

Stephanie Sellars MFA '22 published an essay, "A Rogue Job," about a strange romance and an odd job in Hobart Pulp's "Fucked Up Modern Love Essays." 

Claudia M Stanek MFA '07 published a poem, "Trust and Obey," on Ekstasis.

Mark Wallace MFA '20 wrote about the 80s band Talk Talk, and about potential, silence, and embarrassing moments at Coney Island, for March Fadness.

Beth Weinstock MFA '19 published a poem, "First Poet on the International Space Station," in Spoon River Poetry Review. 

February 2023

Nico Amador MFA '22 published three poems, "My Dreams are Commands (Diary Cento #3)," "What Could Destroy You," and "Geolocation reveals that the seagull rides a garbage truck," in The Broadkill Review.

Emily Blackshear (MFA candidate) wrote a poignant review of the late Robert D. Richardson's final book, Three Roads Back: How Emerson, Thoreau, and William James Responded to the Greatest Losses of Their Lives, for The Brooklyn Rail. 

Jeanne Bonner MFA '16 published the translation of the short story, "Silvia," by Edith Bruck, in Hunger Mountain. This story also won the Hunger Mountain Translation Prize in 2022.

Amy Bowers MFA '21 published an essay, "An Essential Chord," in Washington Square Review.

Evan Brooke MFA '20 wrote about enduring friendship and vulnerability for Cutleaf with her essay, "Like A Dazzle."

Jen Christensen MFA '23 wrote an inspiring piece on President Carter's legacy and commitment to social justice for CNN.

Maddie Cowan's (MFA candidate) short story, "Promise Me This," won the Short Story Contest on Humans of the World.

MaxieJane Frazier MFA '20 published "A Military Liberal Education," an excerpt from her memoir manuscript, in The Wrath-Bearing Tree

Anna Gazmarian MFA '20 published an essay, "Sins Of The Mother," in The Sun Magazine.

Jenea Havener (MFA candidate) published a story, "Bolton," on Narrative Magazine; "Bolton" is also featured as Story of the Week.

Michelle Koufopoulos MFA '22 published "Living Seams," a flash essay about snail mating rituals, misfiring brains, and mycelium as the "living seam that holds the soil together," in Brevity. 

Kevin Koczwara MFA '22 reviewed the Netflix adaptation of Don DeLillo's White Noisefor Esquire. And for Boston Globe he wrote, "Why do hikers keep dying in the White Mountains of New Hampshire?

Aaron J. Muller MFA '23 has published a short story, “Burglars," on Prose Online. Also stylized as, Prose Online is a literary journal committed to publishing work made accessible to all. 

Colleen Olle MFA '15 published a short story, "Scarification," in Unfortunately Literary Magazine. 

Larissa Pham MFA '23 wrote about "Nature Walks and the Grammar of Animacy" for LitHub's When I’m Not Writing, a Series About Writers and Their Hobbies. 

Andrew Reiner MFA '02 published an Op-Ed, "From ghosting to quiet quitting, we’re avoiding conflict. That’s not healthy," for THINK. THINK is NBC News' home for op-eds, in-depth analyses and essays about news and current events.

Moriel Rothman-Zecher MFA '23 published a version of his final critical paper, entitled "'none of it! none of it will last!': The Poetic Exclamation Point Between Irony and an Ecstatic Death-Marker" in Vol. 52/No. 1 of American Poetry Review. He also published three sonnets, "Dybbuk, Goylem & Tzaddik," in Ayin Press' "Holy Folio."

Diana Ruzova MFA '23 wrote two articles for Oprah Daily, "5 Signs It's Time to Break Up With a Friend," and "4 Women on Surviving a Friendship Breakup."

Kate Sweeney (MFA candidate) published Three Poems in One Art: A Journal of Poetry.

Krysia Wazny McClain MFA ’22 reviewed Abigail Chabitnoy's latest collection, In the Current Where Drowning Is Beautiful, for the Colorado Review.

Emily Ziemska MFA '08 has won Honorable Mention for her short story, "Geese and Foxes,” in the 2023 Kurt Vonnegut Speculative Fiction Prize by North American Review.

December 2022

James Dickson (MFA '11) has published two poems, “Safety Drill, 2022” and “Learning to Shut Up,” on Anti-Heroin Chic.

Jack El-Hai ​​​​​(MFA '09) wrote about how he discovered, wrote, and sold a strikingly distinctive magazine article to The Atlantic, "Origins: Three Nudist Sisters," for Medium.

Richard Brait (MFA '22) has published four poems from "The Margaret and Sam Poems," in the Winter 2022 issue of The Queen's Quarterly. 

Daryln Brewer Hoffstot (MFA '16) wrote about the majestic beauty of a beloved and fading tree, "Giving Thanks for a Beloved Sugar Maple," for The New York Times.

Chaya Bhuvaneswar (MFA candidate) has published a short story, "The Fight," in The Masters Review, with another short story ("Shock Value") forthcoming in The Sun. Her essay, "Antyesti in Brooklyn," was selected as one of Salon's "Best of 2022." Her book review for Nandita Dinesh’s novel, This Place That Place, was published on San Francisco Chronicle's Datebookas well as a mini-review of Little Rabbit by Alyssa Songsiridej. For Catapult, she wrote a helpful guide to "Using Impatience to Help Your Writing." Another piece of nonfiction, "Hurts So Good," is forthcoming in the Black Warrior Review.

Morgan English (MFA Candidate) reviewed Leila Chatti's Figment (Bull City Press, 2022), for Heavy Feather Review.

Danuta Hinc (MFA '16) published an essay, "ME TODAY: I needed to come up from under the wave," in Popula

Craig Holt (MFA '21) published a short story, "Fulfillment," on Jersey Devil Press. "Fulfillment" has also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Meiko Ko (MFA '22) published two works of flash fiction, "Cologne People," in The Hong Kong Review (Vol. III, No. 3), and "Cheongsam Woman, Still Trapped in the Forties," in Longleaf Review. "Cheongsam Woman, Still Trapped in the Forties," has also been nominated for Best Small Fictions.

Lisa Johnson Mitchell (MFA '18) is a Finalist in the London Independent Story Prize competition for her short story, "Reunion." 

Elisabetta La Cava (MFA candidate) has won second place in the Hispanic Culture Review's Poetry prize category for her poem, "We Had Peace." She has also published an essay about the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen, "The Interview," in Another Chicago Magazine.

Aaron Muller (MFA candidate) has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his short story, "The Heart In The House," published in Cold Signal (Issue One).

Michelle Oppenheimer's (MFA '13) poem, "Amy Winehouse is Dead" published on Literary Mama, has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Stephen Page (MFA '08) has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize for his poem, “One Horn," published in Black Fox Literary Magazine.

Stacey Resnikoff (MFA '21) published a short story from her thesis, “The Missing Pieces," for Joyland Magazine.

Moriel Rothman-Zecher (MFA candidate) wrote about "the Magic of Writing at Sunrise," for LitHub.

Jason Russo (MFA '25) has published poems in three different journals this month. "Major Perk" has been published by The Schuylkill Valley Journal, "Sorry" and other poems on Harpy Hybrid Review, and "4 Poems" on Forever Magazine.

Diana Ruzova (MFA candidate) wrote about “How to shop at a farmer’s market without getting overwhelmed,” for the LA Times.

Liesl Schwabe (MFA '05) has an essay, "There Was a Strike and Then it Was Over," in the latest issue (Vol. 21.3) in Five Points.

Kate Sweeney (MFA candidate) published two poems, "Mile Measurement Ends Here," and "The day the EHT Telescope discovers a black hole sits at the heart of our universe," on Northwest Review.

Anamyn Turowski (MFA '19) published a short story, "Orbiting Jupiter" in J Journal. "Orbiting Jupiter" has also been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Nikki Volpicelli (MFA Candidate) has published a short story, "Stay," on Expat Press. 

November 2022

Jeanne Bonner (MFA ‘16) wrote about how, “Joan Didion's personal belongings are being sold in one of the most coveted estate sales of the year,” for CNN’s Style section. 

Miriam Camitta (MFA '16) published an essay, "Necessary for Life,” in Fourth Genre 24:2 (Fall 2022, print only). 

Amber Caron ( MFA '16) published her short story "What the Birds Knew" in Story Magazine.

Morgan English (MFA candidate) published two poems, "Wild Herring" and "Currency," in Arc Poetry Magazine's Fall print issue. 

Rachel Greenley (MFA candidate) published an Opinion Guest Essay about her experience working as a seasonal warehouse worker of an online superstore, "Scenes From the Front Lines of Our Addiction to Fast Fashion," for The New York Times.

Jean Marie Hackett (MFA candidate) has published “Residue,” a flash fiction piece, in Five on the Fifth

Edmée Lepercq (MFA candidate) reviewed Mathieu Lindon's memoir, 'Hervelino' (translated by Jeffrey Zuckerman), for the Los Angeles Review of Books

Aaron J. Muller (MFA candidate) published a short story, “The Heart In The House,” in Issue One of Cold Signal Magazine.

Erika Nichols-Frazer (MFA '19) published several poems in the fall issue of Red Fern Review: "Why I speak to trees," "you are smaller than you appear," "Babushkas of Chernobyl," "Digging for Cassava," and "When you sleep." Nichols-Frazer’s new memoir, Feed Me, will be published on December 12, 2022, by Casper Press.

Guillermo Rebollo Gil (MFA candidate) published the poem "My mother texts me" in Autofocus.

Claire Salinda (MFA Candidate) published two essays, "Baja California, 1995" and "I Find Myself Riding the Subway" in G*Mob

Hayden Saunier (MFA ‘05) published a poem, “Human Interest Story,” in ONE ART: a journal of poetry. Her poem “Grammar Lesson, Spring 2022,” published in River Heron Review, has been nominated for a 2022 Pushcart Prize.

Catherine M. Schuster (MFA candidate) published a short piece, "Peter Blind," in Flash Fiction Magazine

Jane Stringham (MFA candidate) published her critical essay, "Fairy-tale Intertexts in Sylvia Plath's 'Stone Boy with Dolphin,’" in Volume 14 of Plath Profiles, which publishes essays, poetry, art, and myriad studies of Plath's work.