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“A Cracked Mirror to Our World”

The Sky Is Yours, the debut novel by Chandler Klang Smith ’05, is receiving national recognition as one of 2018’s great reads.

The Sky is Yours

Said critic Jason Heller in a review on NPR: “Smith's gifts of imagination are staggering. Her world-building is a tangled sprawl of past, present, and future, a wickedly satirical synthesis that underlines just how fractured our own realities can be during periods of fear, unrest, inequality, and instability. But she does far more than hold up a cracked mirror to our world. In language that punches and caresses, she dwells on ugliness and beauty in equal measure–from 'sewer gondoliers' to 'daydream spire-domes like the shells of snails who feed at the secret hot vents of the sea.'"

The Huffington Post included the book in its list of “60 Books We Can’t Wait to Read in 2018,” describing it as “a vibrantly uncanny dystopia set on an island metropolis, in the shadow of dragons that swoop overhead, where income inequality and mass incarceration have spun out of control."